• The Advantages of Unlocking iPhone Permanently

    When you purchase a new iPhone under a contract with a network provider, your device will have a firmware that will allow it to work with only one network. Even if you insert a sim from another card, it will make no difference, and your phone will work with the network that sold it.

    For example, when you purchase an iPhone 7 from Sprint network provider, the device will run only Sprint network until the contract is over ( contract normally remain for 2-3 years). If you want to change the network, you will either need to purchase a new phone with a different network provider or find a good service. Unlocking your phone gives you tons of benefits that we have mentioned below.

    New network options

    If you feel that your old network service provider costs you too much for basic services, you can unlock your phone with aa reliable unlock service to switch to an affordable network. It is especially beneficial for people who travel frequently and need to change the network based on coverage availability.


    Unlocking your phone may seem like an expensive decision at first, but with iphone 7 sprint unlock phone, you can save on your network expenses greatly. Users can change network providers at any time and reduce their cost of high network charges. They can also use temporary sim cards which can provide them with cheaper calls and messaging during their travel.

    Zero roaming charges

    Unlocked phones save you money on roaming charges. When you are travelling internationally, your service provider may charge you extra for roaming. Roaming fee is billed on top of your basic monthly plans. If you have an unlocked phone, you can use the local network provider and save greatly on your network expenses.

    Increased resale value

    If you have unlocked your iPhone, you can get better prices upon selling it compared to selling a locked phone. An iPhone in good condition can be sold for 30% more prices than the locked device. It attracts more buyers as they can insert the sim of the network they are already using. For example, if you are selling an iPhone with Sprint network, only the people with a Sprint sim card will be interested in buying. On the other hand, if you have an unlocked iPhone, you will have buyers from all the networks.

    Easy to customize

    Unlocked iPhones offer more customizable options as compared to the locked ones. It opens up more features on the phone, and third-party applications can be easily used. The user gets complete control of the device as it does not restrict them according to the limits of a network provider. The users can easily change the alert messages, notification sounds, wallpapers, and preconfigured settings while deleting any unnecessary apps.