• ps4 vs xbox

    Is It Better to Buy an Xbox or PS4?

    If someone approached you with the question of whether he/she should buy an Xbox One or PS4, what exactly would your response be? It seems like different generations ten to dictate which chooses to buy either one the most.

    Well, every generation has experienced Sony, and Microsoft gets competitive with one another over who designs and manufactures the best console-inspired game, deciding between either one still seems to pose some confusion and has users baffled between which they should choose over the other.

    While there is plenty of space for both on the market too, it’s almost like the two has the same type of competitiveness that’s relatable to Microsoft versus Apple until this very day. We guess it’s a trend with Microsoft, or perhaps they’re just competitive and good at what they do? Let’s leave it to the fans to decide.

    With both consoles being launched back in 2013, and several previous versions to back its upgrades popularity up, the PS4 and Xbox1 were both introduced to the market as two of the most elite versions of consoles yet.

    Even though it might be easy to say PS4 or Xbox1 without even thinking about the pros and cons of each, there is a lot more to differentiate the two, than anything else.


    The Facts and Expectations of The Leading Consoles

    Since 2018 is all about out with the old and in with the new, an Xbox2 is already being designed as we speak, which should be released in either 2020 or 2021.

    The date of Microsoft’s new console being released is still unsure because there has been no information release regarding the launch of the PS5, which without it, Microsoft would find it entirely pointless to release its new products without a good source of competition.

    In the next generation, however, both Microsoft and Sony will have to prepare themselves for VR, which is going to add a third party, introducing something new to the market, which may turn into one big battle between the competitors. That is also why the PS5 and Xbox2 are still in progress. These elite brands need to ensure they have the best technology waiting for their customers, as the release of the next product, in the late 2020’s, will have to be able to compete with VR too, which is predicted to be a major success.

    Comparing the Elite’s Current and Future Versions

    The Xbox1 and PS4 are both amazing devices and their development have come an extremely long way, but there’s still a lot to be done, and with the development of their latest versions, it seems like Xbox2 might have the competitive edge when it comes to being VR-related technology. VR, however, will have to be supported by both console makers in the future, which means Sony still has a long way to go when it comes to innovating their product with the future technology.

    Both the Xbox1 and PS4 have brought their A-game to providing their users with the best GPUs, CPUs, AMD, GCN and the next generation AMD technology, so whatever their planning on presenting to the table next, we’re sure will be out of this world.