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    Best Linux Distros for gaming in 2018

    Gamers out there! This one’s for you! We’ve made your task easier – we sought out some of the best distros for you. We have come up with a list to help you make a better and informed choice. Read on to make the best choice:

    Steam OS:
    Steam has had a great start right since the beginning as it shot off with nearly 1000 games! It gained a lot of popularity and emerged as a top and trending gaming software. It was this popularity that led to the usage of Steam OS to create Steam Boxes. This software is known for its adaptability and can support a wide variety of hardware. You can play all kinds of high-end games on this software and have a superb gaming experience!

    Fedora Games Spin:
    Based on a favourite OS, Fedora is gaining popularity as it offers the best games from each genre. While all genres are incorporated, you may not find all games here, but that’s not a reason to worry – the best is already bundled up in the Fedora Games Spin.

    Ubuntu GamePack:
    With its share of official and unofficial spin-offs, Ubuntu is still trending both ways. It comes loaded with PlayOnLinux and Wine clients, so you can easily install any of the Windows games effortlessly. It also has Java and Flash already installed in it – making every gamers life a lot easier!


    Sparky Linux GameOver:
    The latest version of Sparky is a spin-off of the testing version, and it is built in with so many exciting features. No doubt gamers are simply drawn to it! An impressive 3.8 GB, Sparky is equipped with Wine and Steam. This makes it a lot easier for gamers to run old DOS and Windows games in this system.


    Catching up pace amongst viewers, Solus is one of the most appealing Distro and is best for beginners. Its features make this OS very user-friendly. Solus comes built in with Steam, bringing in an altogether different experience for gamers. It’s an open source, free and independent distro which draws a lot of viewers to it. A great pick!

    Happy gaming!